Today my muscles feel jelly-like. I’m away from ‘home’ and it’s been two weeks since I was at the gym. How does so much effort in Spin classes and Body Balance disappear so quickly?  I heard recently that muscle tone gained from exercising at the gym can disappear in just 9 days? If I was a body builder that might not be totally true but it feels true enough at my level.

Despite my outward body, my heart feels strong. My faith has had its own work out with You as my personal trainer. My hope has become bigger and more defined. If life were a set of weights to be lifted again and again, with You standing by incase I drop them, I feel strengthened from the one to one sessions we’ve had these last four weeks.

I hope and pray this is a lifestyle change and not a whimsical, impulsive reaction to present difficulties. Lead me Lord, train me and strengthen me more so I may fight the good fight and finish the race well.

2 Cor 12v9
My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness. 


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