Heart Condition


Psalm 40v8
I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.

I’ve been having a revelation recently about everything under the sun. My conclusions are it’s meaningless.

The little that I can do or achieve here on earth for good is actually of very little importance. I could create or be a part of shiny lovely, neatly packaged projects in Your name: mission teams, youth groups, outreach events. But You can do anything and everything without me. You are the Creator God. Your creations are more beautiful, more perfect, more complex than anything I can concieve or imagine. You don’t need my help to achieve Your will.

You care more about how I work for You, how I love Your people. The condition of my heart is more important to You. Do I trust You with every ounce of my life? Do I have faith that You can do anything? Do I walk boldly and take risks for You in light of my faith? Do I love You more than anything and all else in the whole world? Do I love Your people wholly and unconditionally? Do I follow Your commandments and claim Your promises?

What does my heart look like to You?


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