Yesterday I mourned
for the future that isn’t,
plans that will never be.
There is no hand to hold
in the midst of life’s storms
and the hope of God’s future plans.

Yesterday I stood,
not in lace to promise
compassion in health and sickness,
but in unfathomable peace
requesting help for eternal purposes
from servant hearts.

Yesterday for better or worse,
Pride’s darkest fear was realised
I got it wrong.
Goodbyes of this era, overnight,
became timid ‘See you soons’.
Humilty breathes new li
fe, daily.

Today Time’s healing hand

brings comfort and understanding.
Seedling plans have blossomed
into glorious bouquets
of possibility and excitement
hope and purpose.

But today I miss my friend
who knew the deepest reaches
of my mind and heart,
And who cannot share
my unspeakable joy,

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3v1


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