The war is won, with or without me


God has been challenging me to remember that He is in control, the story has already been told. Revelation tells us the battle has been won, death has been defeated. Jesus is risen and He is Lord in heaven and on earth. there is no worrying to be done.

There is nothing to fear. Only freedom to do what He has set before me, that which He has graciously given me to do. Allowing me, in His great love, to be a part of His kingdom. The war is won, with or without me. I can choose to serve in His Kingdom and enjoy fullness of life and abounding freedom and joy. Or I can opt out now and live for myself. Either way, God’s victory is secure. My efforts are not needed, they are enjoyed. That which I choose not to do (which is of God), the awesome, mighty Lord of the universe will accomplish regardless.

My involvement is purely about becoming more like Jesus. About being purified and cleansed inside and out. Becoming holy. Accepting the failures and mistakes of my sinful nature are redeemed in the loving sacrifice of Jesus and I am forgiven. My job is to live like I believe His promises, to live in the freedom and forgiveness, to love as I am loved.

My love for others is with a desire that they would open their lives to Him and allow His cleansing, sacrifice to bring them closer to God too. To know freedom and joy. To desire holiness and the hope of eternal life. To regret our selfish desires and instead desire justice, freedom and joy for others. To do everything possible within the authority we have over ourselves to help people see God’s great love for themselves, to ignite a desire of interest, not build walls of segregation.

To search our own hearts and inspect our own intentions. To look beyond broken, sinful actions and behaviour and see the intentions behind them in the lives of others.

Our goal and focus is God, not His work. Not making disciples or converts for Him. Not forcing His kingdom to come. Our aim is to choose to submit to His will and allow Him to work through us so we can enjoy being a part of that which He has already achieved.

Yahweh, Your Kingdom come,
Your will be done.


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