I am from moving house and searching for home


I was inspired to write this by:


I am from the constant drone of the television
Sylvanian families and making dinner in the deep fat fryer
I am from countless new beginnings, new houses, new friends
from the old stale smell of cigarettes and the green three-piece suite
the coffee table piled high with precariously balanced bundles of paper
I am from watching the A-team, the Waltons and John Wayne films
from the floor because the chairs are all taken

I am from a late revelation of the beauty of creation and love of pretty flowers
I am from building ‘dens’ in bushes and hoping in the safety of friendship
I’m from unpredictable emotions and short tempers
from family disputes and anxiety at family gatherings
from sausage suppers and secret diaries

I’m from stoic and unwavering love and care
and occasional bike rides and mystery tours

I am from moving house and searching for home
from the joy and comfort of clean bed linen
from countless photographs of faces no longer known
stored in a box under the stairs
from searching for meaning in all the wrong places
I’m from a testimony of love and patience
from cards and letters of encouragement and care
late night chats and tea and toast
un-repayable gifts of grace

I’m from hope and perserverance


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